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mido replica presented a new watch to mark their collaboration and sponsorship with Red Bull Racing Team. The team is the two-time consecutive Formula One World Championship winners. The new timekeeper was introduced at a promotional event organized to coincide with the Grand Prix race of Monaco. Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber received the first new model ever produced of the mido replica timepiece Edifice at the promotional event. Webber won the Monaco Grand Prix, possibly due to his impressive driving and some good luck brought on by the new mido replica.

mido replica's new limited edition EFR 520RB is based largely on the mido replica Edifice model with reference number EFR 520. The new timekeeper is similar to that model with its multilayered dial,mido replica textured surface and dynamic overall design. The trademark 3D Disk Chronograph is a chronometer in the form of a disc that allows the time to be displayed accurately down to 1/20th second. To achieve this precision, the indicator at the top rotates very quickly. The counter also works well with the Formula One theme and conveys the racing-inspired spirit of this watch.

It is evident in the dial's various details. mido replica has incorporated the team colors and logo of Red Bull Racing, its partner team since 2009. The tributes pay homage to the two-time consecutive Formula One World Championship winner. They include blue accents in the lower layer of the ion-plated bezel, and the dial. A red second hand is also included on the dial as are various red details.

Chronograph, Split Times and Other Modesmido replica Red Bull Racing Edifice Watch has the same technical features as its predecessor. Its designation is ERF-520. The quartz-driven watch has a not so flattering accuracy of 20 seconds per month. The battery is expected to last three years and powers the quartz caliber. The stainless steel case of the new mido replica Edifice clock measures 45.3 mm in diameter and 12.3 mm thick. rolex replicachose a less durable and cheaper mineral for the glass. The tachometric dial is located on the black ion-plated bezel. The screw-locked back and screw-locked crown of the watch are also included. Its construction ensures that it is water resistant up to 100 meters. Overall, the product weighs 171 grams.